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Pool Rules
CLFCA Pool Rules

The purpose of the Clear Lake Forest community pool rules is to uphold a family-friendly environment for a diverse community. Failure to abide by these rules may result in the suspension of the Owner’s, Leaseholder’s or Guest’s pool privileges. It is imperative that residents and their guests abide by the pool rules to promote an enjoyable experience for all.

By completing this document, I (we) agree to follow all pool rules and regulations. I (we) understand that any violation of the rules may result in discontinued pool privileges. The pool rules for the Clear Lake Forest Community Association are as follows:

  • Access: All members must check in at the front lifeguard desk and register their guests. Access to the Pool is granted to Clear Lake Forest Residents, Leaseholders and their guests after completion of the CLFCA Amenity Agreement Form and approval.Please note: Homeowners not current on assessments or late fees from the prior year will not have access to the facilities.
  • Leaseholder residents must submit their lease agreement with expiration date as a condition of gaining amenity access. Leaseholder landlords must be current on CLFCA assessments and fees from the prior year.
  • The CLFCA Amenity Access Registration is the first of the two-part process of accessing the pool and other amenities. Once you’ve completed the registration form, you will be receiving an email with further directions within a few weeks. Please remember that you may only obtain access for people who are legitimately living in your home. (Nannies or grandparents who regularly care for children will be added as family members at registration). Allowing non-residents access to the pool by giving them your Pool amenity ID or requesting an access code for them will violate the community policies and your household may lose access to the pool and other CLF amenities.
  • Pool Access ID, email, or name must be presented for entrance into the pool recreational facility and allows entrance to the permanent household members plus up to 30 guests per season. State law mandates that no children under the age of 10 may be at the pool without an adult 18 years or older. Children 10 to 17 may have access to the pool recreational facility without an adult (18 years or older) by showing their Amenity Access ID, email or be registered as a family member. Children aged 14-17 can bring guests (14-17 years old) with them when unsupervised by an adult. (Guest passes will be deducted from their account.) More than 7 guests is considered a party and a pool reservation must be made.
  • Guest Policy: A homeowner must accompany any guests. 30 guests per address are permitted free of charge each season. Additional guests are $3.00 each and can be purchased on our website. Host assumes responsibility for their guests’actions while on Clear Lake Forest amenity property and must remain with the guest at the pool.
  • Lifeguards are the authority while on duty. Failure to abide by Pool Rules or to follow the directions of the lifeguards, Board Members or Pool Committee members may result in loss of access to the pool.
  • The lifeguards, Pool Committee Members or the HOA Board Members have the authority to close the recreational facilities for inclement weather or health/safety concerns.
  • A 10-minute safety break is scheduled every hour for the lifeguards. No one is allowed in the pool during the 10-minute safety break.
  • Pool Closures – Pools may close due to inclement weather, vandalism, or sanitary reasons. All reasonable measures will be taken to reopen the pools as quickly as possible and will be reflected on our website with their pool closure reason. For thunder, pools close for 30 minutes after the last thunderclap heard. For lightning, pools close for 45 minutes after the last bolt is indicated by the WeatherBug app.
  • Lifeguard Required Swimming is prohibited unless a lifeguard is on duty and in the lifeguard chair at the family pool.
  • Emergency – Pools are to be cleared immediately in an emergency.
  • Any person having a communicable disease or infection (e.g. (includes but is not limited to) sores or inflamed eyes, nasal or ear infection is not permitted to use the pool facilities. Any person who has had diarrhea in the past two weeks may not use the pool. (this is required by Texas State law).
  • Incontinent swimmers and children not potty trained must wear approved swim diapers made for swimming.
  • Proper swimwear appropriate for a community pool setting is required. Street clothes are not permitted in the pool.
  • Changing diapers within six feet of the pool is prohibited (this is required by Texas state law).
  • No weapons of any kind.
  • Pets are not permitted in the pool recreational facility, with the exception of animals necessary to assist disabled persons with proper documentation on file with the HOA. However, no animal is allowed in the pool (water) at any time.
  • The CLFCA is not responsible for any money or property loss by owners and/or their guests when using the pool and surrounding common areas. Any items left at the pools will be placed in a lost and found container.
  • Should the pool reach the maximum capacity, the Lifeguards, Pool Committee or HOA Board members have the right to limit entry into the pool area. The number of guests on holidays or other days when the maximum capacity is typically exceeded, may require limited guest entry into the pool area. This will be monitored by the Lifeguards and Management.
  • Running, tossing/shouldering other swimmers (including children), roughhousing, general horseplay, foul language or disorderly conduct is prohibited. Extended breath holding activities are dangerous and prohibited (required by Texas State Law).
  • Riding skateboards, scooters, hoverboards, or bicycles within the pool recreational facilities is not permitted.
  • Amplified music will be monitored by the lifeguard staff; lifeguards have the authority to ask for the music to be turned down or off if other patrons complain.
  • Swim vests, noodles, arm floats, infant tubes and 13” X 18” (adult) and 11” X 17” (child) swim aids are the only inflatables or flotation devices permitted. Masks, fins and snorkels are allowed.
  • CLFCA reserves the right to ask pool patrons to put away toys if they are causing disruptions to the other pool patrons, misusing toys, behaving in a dangerous manner, or being disrespectful to CLFCA staff or other pool patrons.
  • No Glass ANYWHERE in the pool area, including inside the pool house and restrooms. (required by Texas State Law).
  • Lifeguards are authorized to regulate diving board use, and, if necessary, to revoke individual board privileges if the following rules are violated repeatedly.
  • Diving is permitted only in the roped off deep end of the family pool.
  • After diving, the diver must swim directly to the nearest ladder and exit the pool via that ladder. Divers are not to remain under the board after diving.
  • Only one person is permitted on the diving board at a time. The next diver may not go up the ladder until the previous diver is off the diving board.
  • No flips off the side of the pool.
  • An adult must accompany each non-swimming child in all pools and surrounding decks.
  • The wading pool is for those who are five years of age or younger. An adult must accompany any children in the wading pool and swim at their own risk.
  • Pets are not permitted in the pool recreational facility. Exception: Animals necessary to assist disabled persons with proper documentation on file with the HOA. However, no animal is allowed in the pool (water) at any time.
  • There is no smoking, vaping or e-cigs allowed in the pool or pool area.
  • Deck Rules – No running, skipping or speed walking on deck.
  • Trash – All trash/recyclable material should be discarded in a trash bag in appropriately covered receptacles
  • Disciplinary Procedures for Members
    • Incident #1: Verbal instruction will be given regarding the rules.
    • Incident #2: Ask member to sit out for 15 minutes
    • Incident #3: Patrons must leave the premises and pool access may be suspended.
    • Incident #4: Pool privileges may be suspended indefinitely.
  • Disciplinary Procedures for Guests and Hosting Members
    • Incident #1: Verbal instruction will be given regarding the rules.
    • Incident #2: Guest and host Member may be ejected from the pool and, if applicable, the guest pass will not be refunded. Any guest removed from the Association pool will not be admitted to the pool for the remainder of the pool season.



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