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Today's Pool Hours - 12p to 8p  
Swim Lessons
The Clear Lake Forest Community Association and Lighthouse Aquatics are excited to offer a "Learn to Swim" Program this summer. We have a variety of times and levels to choose from to accommodate your summer schedule.

The student-to-instructor ratio is a maximum of 4-1 and Instructors will assess students on the first day of lessons and adjust their class level if they see fit.

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Location: Clear Lake Forest Pool

Schedule: Sessions are 2 weeks long, Tuesday-Thursday and each day of class is 30 minutes in length. (Pools are open only to participants of the swim lesson program during these times. Once lessons are over, lifeguards require participants to clear the pool and check-in as normal for members-only regular pool hours.)

Make-up:   Fridays are make-up days for classes that were rained out.

What to bring:  Come prepared in a swimsuit with towel, sunscreen and optional goggles.

Registration:  Classes begin June 10th and classes are between the hours of noon – 4:00 pm.

Fees: $120.00 per participant (6 lessons) $100.00 for each additional participant.

Additional information:  Classes are for beginning swimmers 3.5 years of age and older who are not afraid of the water. Please let the instructors know ahead of time of any special needs.

Level Descriptions:

Level One Primary Skills:

  • Objective: To learn and be able to swim Freestyle (get to point A to point B as best as they can) up to 10 yards and Back Float

Level Two Stroke Readiness:

  • Objective:  To be able to swim half a lap of freestyle, half a lap of backstroke and treading water for 20 seconds and being able to jump into the deep and swim to side.

Level Three Stroke Development:

  • Objective:  To be able to swim 15 yards of freestyle and backstroke. Introduction to the butterfly and breaststroke, dives and being able to tread water for one minute.  

Level Four Stroke Refinement:

  • Objective:  To develop competency and confidence to do all four strokes for a full 25 yards and begin an introduction to flip turns/turns for all strokes.






Clear Lake Forest Community Association:

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Photos by:  Julie Glenn

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